Notes On Moving To Exchange In The Cloud From Outlook Client

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Notes On Moving To Exchange In The Cloud From Outlook Client

by Garry Robinson  for Outlook 2007

Just a simple page of notes on moving Outlook from a local PST file to Cloud Based Exchange. When you do this you will now be working in an OST file.

Backup all your pst files and maybe add them to zip files as an extra precaution.

Export your rules to a file.

Once you follow the Online Instructions to setup your account save your login instructions somewhere.

Remember that your phone and anywhere else that has your POP settings will not work

After your OST file is setup (probably deep in your My Docs folder tree), make sure it is in your backup cycle.

Now add the old PST file to the OST file using the File then Open on the Outlook Menu

Import your rules (they will point to the OLD PST folders until you move them to OST (online folders when they then become online rules)

You will have two profiles (you may need to change how the profiles work by going to Mail in the Control Panel of your computer).

You can drag and drop folders and emails from the PST folders to the OST folders.  Go slowly on this as you get used to it,

Try the online service and make sure you use Https not http.  Be careful to log off if you are using a Internet Cafe etc


Note: Exchange Online is fantastic, especially with Outlook local. It is 900% better than Google Apps


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Why Bother



2.If you leave Outlook open on your desktop, all emails are still visible on other computers and not downloaded onto your computer and hidden.