An Alternative to the BrowseTo Command

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An Alternative to the BrowseTo Command

I use Navigation Controls in my software quite a bit. I find them cleaner than Tab Controls and they do have the advantage of automatically shutting down recordsets when you move focus from one navigation button to the next. But I have never actually controlled which button has the focus, I have always left that to the user and just organised the buttons in a sensible order. Of course the day came when I decided to get in Control.


The only Microsoft Solution I could find


After a while the sparse information on moving Navigation control focus (.setfocus is a no go) lead me to this Microsoft blog post on the BrowseTo command.  I tried many different combinations of subform names and I just couldnt get it to work. I even resorted to Macro's (in a moment of madness) for a brief period  (see figure1) and still couldn't get anywhere. This generally involved an error with the wording "The macro action BrowseTo requires a valid path argument. So I gave up



Figure 1. The BrowseTo Action in a macro




Garry's GoTo Solution


I stumbled on the goto command and I use that to shift the focus to the Navigation button that I want to switch to.  I then I send off a Carriage Return using the SendKeys command (ugly). In the following code, the navigation button is called NavButAll.




SendKeys "{ENTER}"


Lets Look At My Solution in Action


Here is a Navigation tab (figure 2) and I want the item search box to show all the valid records in the All Stock Navigation tab.



Figure 2. A search box in a navigation control


My code then changes the label of the button and changes the focus to the button



Figure 3 - Change the focus in code and change the label of the Nav button


The Code Under The Item No OnClick Event


The full code to do this is as follows ( I apologize in advance that the code is very specific). Remember that the Navigation button "All A & G Stock" shown in figure 2 is called NavButAll


Private Sub gstockItemNo_Click()

 Dim Varid As Variant

 Dim i As Integer


 Varid = gstockItemNo


 If Not IsNull(Varid) Then

   If DCount(1, "tfxGstockJobs", "itemno = '" & gstockItemNo.Column(1) & "'") > 1 Then

     Form_FX_AGstockManager.NavButAll.NavigationWhereClause = "itemno = '" & gstockItemNo.Column(1) & "'"

     Form_FX_AGstockManager.NavButAll.Caption = gstockItemNo.Column(1)

     lblMulti.visible = True


     Call showAllGstock



    'I only found 1 so I open the full form itself and do not switch to the tab view.

     OpenGJob gstockItemNo.Column(2)


   End If


   'Nothing was found

 End If


End Sub


Private Sub showAllGstock()



SendKeys "{ENTER}"


End Sub



The BrowseTo Command Definition



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