PowerApps - First Try

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PowerApps - First Try

I have just started on my first Microsoft PowerApps. I am a total bunny so bear that in mind as I write on.

My First App

My first app is a basic timesheet entry system that I have written for people who log into our Office365 portal to use. It is for collecting project code, description time and date. It runs on a 5.5 inch phone and can run on a PC in a browser as well. The one key guiding principle for this PowerApp is that no one could ever see the times that other contractors are entering for other projects. Currently I have not deployed it to the others, they continue to run happily in a Access Web App on their desktops.

For the processing in this app, Microsoft Access will use an Excel data file that gets synced using Dropbox. After I have transferred data into Access, I set the transferred flag to true so I can ignore it from now on. This seems to work well.

Here are screen shots from my app starting with a simple Opening screen



The data entry form (note combo box and date control)





The find records form






The Excel data that I am using in Dropbox  (click on picture to expand)




How I Wasted A Lot Of Time

When I started building my app, I assumed I would work it out. So I downloaded the sample apps and then tried to build my app. I bombed many times. I would highly recommend that you mix trying out the sample apps and working thru ALL the Online Learning samples before you start on your own app.

Initial Conclusions

If you want to write a small online (phone) data collection app for people that are in your own Office365 team, this could actually work. It needs to be a simple requirement if you are to be successful.

If you are going to learn PowerApps to make money as a consultant, check your local job search sites for PowerApps before you spend too much time on the product. Currently I cannot find any PowerApps jobs on Australia's biggest online job site.

Will I Keep Going ?

Yes because I need a time collection system that runs on a phone. So far I have a system that works for two users, I think I may be onto something.

Garry Robinson Editor of vb123.com.au



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