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Here are some of the articles on VBA programming. It also includes VBA articles that cover a variety of topics and this seemed the best place to put it.


Preventing Reference Failures
Handling Print Layout

Two Functions You Don't Use Enough

An Average Column: I Mean, What Mode is Your Median

More Dragging Around

Dealing with File Names

The FileSystemObject

Accessing Spatial Data, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Invisible Forms Revisited: Park Your Global Values Here
Peter Comes to Bat - Handling Quotes, Weekdays

Hide Your Input, and it’s Pretty Common

User Preferences, Toggles, and Rocket Science

Find Record Lookup Wizard

An Alternative to the BrowseTo Command
Putting Subqueries to Use


The full collections and related download files can be purchased here


Objects for the Database Developer

Using Dynamic External Event Procedures

Embedded quotes in SQL statements

“Just-In-Time” Queries

Everything About Using Parameters from Code

Embedded quotes in SQL statements

DAO verses ADO - DAO isn't Done Yet