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Smart Access Article Abstracts








You Can Do That with Datasheets?

Michael Kaplan





Everyone who uses datasheets knows they’re powerful, but very few people know all of the things you can do with them.


Michael Kaplan pulls out a handful of tricks from the unlocked Access 97 wizards that can help you really get the best of these


useful it












Everything About AutoNumbers

Russell Sinclair





AutoNumber and identity fields have some benefits and some costs. In this article, Russell Sinclair covers just about everything


you can do to manage AutoNumbers in ADO, ADOx, and DAO. Since most AutoNumber fields are used as primary keys, this is


the information you need to manage your tables.


Accessing Records

Peter Vogel





In this article, Peter Vogel looks at one of the newer features in ADO: the Record object. Peter outlines the object’s future and shows how you can use it right now from your Access application to work with files over the Internet.




Build Gantt Charts with MS Graph

Doug Den Hoed





The MS Graph engine that powers charts in Access and Excel is extremely flexible, but it often requires some tinkering. Doug Den Hoed shares his techniques for building Gantt charts, and he reveals some tricks to help you make your charts look more