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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Navigating Through Recursion, Part 1

Christopher R. Weber





Knowing your way around your Access project is important for any developer. In this first of two installments, Christopher Weber takes us through a navigation


map generating algorithm he uses to populate a table that describes how the forms and


reports in an Access database relate to each other. In next month’s issue Navigation Through Recursion2 , Chris will demonstrate recursive query and reporting techniques he uses to generate a tree navigation map of the database.


So Here’s My Plan

Peter Vogel





So here’s Peter's Plan to the challenge of "Life keeps getting more complicated for the editor of a Microsoft newsletter. "


Understanding Triggers

Russell Sinclair





In the inaugural article in a new ongoing series, Russell Sinclair takes you through the concepts you need to know in order to


understand what triggers are, what they do, and how to use them correctly in Access applications.


CompareWiz 2002

Danny J. Lesandrini





This month’s Product Review features an inexpensive Add-In that could save you hours of development time. Danny J.


Lesandrini explores this simple, yet powerful tool.


Dates, Data Access, and Presentation

Peter Vogel



Access Answers


This month, Peter Vogel looks at a problem in managing dates and displaying information using conditional formatting. He starts with a solution to the problem, but uses that as a springboard to discuss what processing should be done in the different parts of your application.