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vb123 Knowledge Base - Access 2016 Verified Downloads

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Rick Dobson shows you several powerful ways to implement conditional formats. This includes some VBA programming and debugging techniques.

Doug Steele: If I have a document, how can I how can I open it in whatever program is deemed appropriate for that file type?

Simplifying Complex SQL:  Access developers often find SQL bewildering: While simple things are easy in SQL, as you move up to more complicated problems, SQL statements can quickly become intimidating. Peter Vogel looks at some strategies for solving tough problems with SQL.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom: Chris Weber shows you how to let your users to zoom in and out of datasheet subforms.

Talk to Me:  Doug Steele looks at how you can integrate SAPI (the Speech Application Programming Interface) into your applications. It will actually read text back from your data.